Coconut Husk Chips Premium Grade (Eco-Substrate by Jurassic Reptile Products) - Firm Pack Bale - 7.5 kg - Approximately 85 Litres

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Coconut Husk Chips Premium Grade (Eco Substrate by Jurassic Reptile Products) is highly absorbent and allows for easy spot cleaning, reduces/absorbs odor and helps maintain humidity levels. It is very clean. Does not breakdown easily and can be washed by soaking in water and draining for reuse. Completely natural and safe for all snakes. Can also be used for birds, lizards, tortoises, turtles, tarantulas, and insects. Made from a renewable resource, and is compostable.

This unique, user friendly, firmly packed bale is a customer favourite as it does not require water to expand. No mess and ready for use!